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Northbound Waves was created to cause a divine ripple effect of healing within our connected souls. The waves of time are changing when we look at health, healing, and vitality. There has been an influx in the demand for natural health and many are looking for alternative healing options. Our bodies, minds and souls have the ability to heal when given the right pathways and empowerment. When we find the root cause of suffering within, we can open the gates of healing and take control of our own wellness and embrace the waves of change. The frequency of our lives determine the depths of our healing journey. Northbound Waves offers frequency healing, frequency infused herbal tea blends, and manifestation programs. In the near future we will also be offering Reflexology Healing, Bio-Energetic Medicine, and Massage Therapy. This ripple of healing has created a tidal wave of new educational opportunities which we are very excited to be able to share with the world soon!


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