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nowy Pines

65g per bag - 30 Cups - 1 tsp per cup

This wintery blend is perfect for our cold northern nights!

We combined Pine Needles, Spearmint Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, and Ginger Root to give you many health benefits. Organic White Chocolate and Peppermint Chunks with Coconut were also added for that peppermint chocolate taste! Pine is a must have in winter as it has 4-5 times more Vitamin C than a cup of orange juice - boosting your immune system. It also helps protect against DNA damage and is a great blood purifying herb. Peppermint and Spearmint are aromatically amazing and they taste good too! They are mood boosting and possess calming properties. Ginger Root is a strong anti-inflammatory and has TONS of health benefits. 


Snowy Pines tea blend was infused with Feel Good Frequencies using Healy which creates energetic activation of confidence when you feel down. 

Because we all need a little feel good vibes during winter months :) 

Snowy Pines

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