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Just Go With The “Blood” Flow

75g per bag - 30 Cups - 1 tsp per cup


This Blood Red Tea is precisely, all it’s cracked up to be. 

These 4 ingredients work together in a perfectly harmonious way to control blood pressure, increase coronary blood flow, improve circulation, and contain quercetin that supports strength and integrity of capillaries. 

This combo is extremely high in Vitamin C and is a super-charged antioxidant rich drink. It is also high in Iron! 

Reduces inflammation, boosts immune system, and regulates blood sugar! 

Just relax, steep, and go with the blood flow:)

Organic Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rosehip, Elderberries, Hawthorn Berries


Infused with the circulatory system frequencies - Creates stimulation of the body’s energy supply. The circulatory system is an important highway that transfers oxygen rich blood and other nutrients throughout the body.


Just Go With The "Blood Flow"

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